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Noun. ( Duhr-oyhd ehxxx Sawaggurr)

A word that with origins in Northern California. Apparently the story goes, that one day some some gentleman with irresistable swagger became appalled after he saw that little 7th grade girls had the same iphone that he had. Upon seeing this, he immediately made dua and looked for alternatives, was disgusted by the blackberry's over-marketed gayness, saw that the HTC EVos were better, but still wack, and through the grace of God, was pointed in the direction of Droid X.

This divine instruction to take upon the drioid X created a whirlwind of swagger never seen before, and consequently created a world-wide phenomenon.

Bill Clinton claimed that posession of this characteristic can solve world poverty, and consequently drank a bunch of kool-aid to celebrate.
Basically, you bust out the Droid, you know you're the shit, because you be drippin that Droid X Swagger.
by some flippin baller October 17, 2010
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