There are many facets to Driving Like a Nigger. Generaly, all over the road with total disregard for traffic laws, use of turn signals, speed limits, signage, (particularly, no parking signs), and of course, the lack seat belt use. (In most cases, with rap music thumping). Driving Like a Nigger can also apply to coming to a complete stop on a narrow residential inner city street, totaly plugging up traffic to bullshit with a bro, pick up a hoe, buy or sell crack, etc. etc. etc. Driving Like a Nigger can also be defined as positioning the drivers seat so it appears to be non existant to passerbys, and of course to sit on that reclined seat in the Detroit Lean position, one hand on the wheel, the other hand on their crotch.
Man 1:Jesus Christ, did you see that spook cut across all six lanes of traffic without signaling or even looking? Man 2: Fuck yea, he's driving like a Nigger!
by The CLE Steamer May 09, 2009
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