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the art of eavesdropping on the person ahead of you in line at the drive through while they place their order. Drive through (or drive thru) tapping also includes the option of casting judgment on the person in front of you in line based solely on their order, ordering style, menu knowledge, special food preparation requests, accent, linguistic ability, and/or any other noticeable or distinguishing characteristic used by the orderer.
1-While drive through tapping, I learned the lady in front of me was profoundly anti pickles, mustard, and onion.

2-Whenever I hear, "Hi, I have 7 seperate orders" while drive through tapping, I go inside to order so I don't have to wait on the guy who's either buying lunch for an 87 person office or been elected drive through ambassador.
by rlh06 January 31, 2011
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