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A word used by fat women in urban areas to indicate they wish to get off a bus.
A fat woman might shout the word DRIVAAAH! at the top of her voice while stuck in the hydraulic doors on a modern bendy bus such as the 149, in urban areas of London such as Hackney. The phrase, usually followed by the exclamation "I'M A GETTIN OFF!!" and the familiar "ssssss" of the hydraulics indicates the woman is having trouble alighting the bus.
The reasoning behind this could be for one of two reasons. She is either,
a) Too slow to reach the doors after pressing the bell indicating she wishes to get off.
b) Too lazy to press the bell like everyone else has to.

The phrase might also be used by a fat woman trying to mount the bus after it has left the stop. This usually ends in the driver ignoring the woman's cries whilst she attempts a half-hearted run proving entertaining for the passengers on board. It may also be followed with the phrase "I'M A GETTIN ON!!".
by Snagley August 10, 2006
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