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A classic genre dedicated to combining elements of hip-hop and water.

Essentially a beat fused with atmospherey oceanic melodies that closesly resemble the sweet sounds of the sea.

Most notable state to have aided in the creation of said genre would be New Jersey. That's not to say during its history some hints of Drip-Hop haven't poked its head throughout mainstream media.

Originally deriving from the Uptop area it wasn't until 2014/2015 when the genre began catching major storm among the emergence of new artist's across the East Coast with the help of aqua pack.

Jersey City holds the record for most consistent quality Drip-Hop produced, continually adding improvements without constant drastic changes to it sonically.
"I love drip hop, this shit is water!"

"This genre wet asf is me favorite"
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by Dank Ocean March 09, 2018
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A new genre pioneered by Drip Hop guru Max Z combining elements of hip hop and blues guitar. Essentially it is a hip hop beat that is "freestyled" onto by a guitar soloist as opposed to an MC.
What is that new music that is sure to get the panties wet?
-Drip Hop
by Max Zi March 04, 2012
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