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A drinking game where 4 players must be seated and play Mario Kart 64. Each of these players has their own cup filled with 1/3 of a can of beer. The cups are to be placed away from the driving area in place called pit row. Before the race starts every submits their "bid" to not come in last place, players bid a amount of beer of their choosing into a center cup. This cup can be filled to any amount between the 4 players and the loser must drink it. The race starts as normal and when a player crosses the star/finish line they must get out of their seat, run to their own beer cup, drink it, refill it to the original amount, then return to their seat and continue the race. On the final lap when the person who is in 3rd place crosses the finish line, the person in 4th place can also get up and run to their cup to drink it in hopes of out drinking the 3rd place finisher to not be the last person to finish their beer consequently not having to drink the bid cup. Pushing, shoving, and jumping over obstacles are encouraged.
Person A: "You guys wanna play drink and don't kart?"
Person B: "Hell yah, I just bought a case of PBR"
Person C: "That game is the ShizNit"
Person D: "I call Yoshi as my driver"
by KaGe22 September 21, 2010
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