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No words that can describe the motherfucking Blue Jays pitcher. He is the sexiest pitcher in the world. Not only he's so sexy but his amazingness is overrated and only lets 1 run per inning. He is outstanding. His stats online aren't that good (4.38 ERA) NOT TRUE! If you see him play, his ERA is totally less than that! About 1. We can't take our eyes off him. The Toronto Blue Jays are nothing without him and every Blue Jays fan will cry to death if he gets traded. God bless his parents to create this perfect and sexy human being. He is 100% badass and will kick everybody's motherfucking ass. He is the god. Even all the guys will be jealous of him because he's so good looking and they want to be as good looking as him. Whoever's making out with him is a lucky bitch.
Person 1: Hey! Drew Hutchison is pitching tonight!
Every Blue Jays fan: Dies of amazement and his sexiness...
by crij4ylimey13 September 20, 2014
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