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Noun. A "for why though" thing. Usually but not always related to something stupid. When asked if he/she participates in drama, claim is no, though they can be overly dramatic. When seen in a normal social setting, they are making remarks no one listens to about awful, uninspiring things. Most people tend to throw up when around a Drama Freestylin. Weighs well over a ton. When asked what physical activities Drama Freestylin takes part in, it is parkour.
"Hey, how you doing? Drama Freestylin is so fat."

"Did you see Drama Freestylin? Dressed upside down, as always."

"Why is Drama Freestylin so stupid? I feel bad for him"

"Drama Freestylin is trying to be cool again. Shits going down."
by TedisTed September 23, 2011
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