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The overwhelming shock felt after a betrayal of trust has resulted in a major drama which leaves the recipient slack-jawed and staring off in stunned disbelief. Often associated with a romantic mind-fuck.

During Drama Trauma, the recipient is rendered totally dysfunctional and incapable of reliable activity until such time as the feeling subsides which can sometimes be hours, days, or a week depending upon the severity of the inciting event.
Friend: Hey, man. We missed you at the Jam session Saturday night.

Her: What? Oh yeah. That. Sorry but I'm in total meltdown from being led-on and then screwed over by my so-called fiance. After 6 months of all that, out of the blue, he suddenly yells at me to get the F*&K out of the house. He yells that he made a mistake and he's sorry. WTF? I just can't wrap my brain around it!!?

Friend: Un-f#@&ing-real! Well, you are obviously suffering from drama trauma and going to be drooling all over yourself for awhile so no sweat with the Jam. I'll take you out and get you baked. You'll feel better!
by Zylaw November 13, 2010
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