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The voice you use when you are seducing a girl

Term was made popular by rapper Lucki Eck$ (Lucki) in songs like Speed Demon he makes references such as

"Baby I'm the one, Drake voice, Miami sun Dumb bitch you gon' love me woah"

and No Wok "Drizzy voice'n hoes since my born day"
and the first time he used it in song Free Wave (Freestyle) back in 2015 on his Freewave EP "She gon' let me fuck I'm seducing with my Drake voice"
Drake voicing someone is meant to appear more appealing to woman and make them want have sex with you.
Drake Voice: "Baby im going to make this money and were going to spend all this together"
Thot: "Don't Hit me with that Drake Voice"
by DeepWOK July 23, 2017
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