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Drain Tactics is a type of tactic that can be used in pretty much every day to day activity, The art of a Drain tactic is to find a quicker and more often than not a dodgey/Bad way of doing things.
If a "Drain Tactic Is performed, the person on the other side of the tactic will usually get Drained because of the poor quality. See Drained or Drainer

"Drain Tactics" Are to be used by people who have no care or pride in what they are doing, whether it be their full time job or just baking a cake.
The Quality of a job performed using "Drain tactics" is noticeably different to the way it should be done.
Jaso: Dad Why did the kitchen fall apart?
Dad: Because the dickhead must have had somewhere to go and used drain tactics to get it installed as quick as he could.

Hannah: Tayla how did u get here so fast?,

Tayla: Used Drain Tactics on all the intersections, i cut off and drained that many people its not even funny. See Drained or Drainer

Josh: Steve uses Drain Tactics to win matches.
by Str8rippin June 14, 2010
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