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Someone that achieves so much in so little time that ones balls have gotten so large, big, heavy and swollen from the act of perseverance, determination, achievement and action; that ones balls are so large that they DRAG on the ground, Hence the name DRAGGIN BALLS..
After high school, (Draggin Balls) was a successful musician played in 6 bands; he was successful small business owner had a hot polish wife with an Iq of 133 1/2, He divorced her to get away from oppression; then pursued academia and graduated from the University Of Texas in a lightening only 3 years w/ a BA in Art; During his stint in college he started a successful DOT .com start up; after that he past and received his Bar(Esquire); then after that worked in many law firms; following that he was bored and elated from awesome LSD usage from high school and was crazy enough to get excepted in Northwestern University for His Doctoral and Masters in Taxation..(What a crazy determined German? he was DRAGGIN BALLS!!!)
And to top it all off and to wash it down with cake, he actually had sex with a black chick that had an IQ of 155, no one thought that he had what it took, but again he was DRAGGIN BALLS!!!...
by Biggin.. September 15, 2013
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