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A native of Kentucky and graduate of the University of Kentucky, Carl Wright attended graduate school at the University of Georgia and did post-graduate work at Clemson University and Polytechnic University (in New York). He worked in industry for 20+ years but gave up that life to become a teacher at Calabasas High School. He has been teaching since 1999 and in 2010 was voted cutest teacher.

During his 10+ years of teaching, Dr. Wright has indulged himself in many various projects and inventions. His most famous, however, is the Do Now. And throughout the years, many students have tried to change it to Do Later, but Dr. Wright doesn't mind. He's that DGAF.
Dr. Wright: "Give the Do Now a try!"
Students: "It says Do Later!!"
Dr. Wright: "I don't give a fuck, turn up my Beatles CD."


Spencer Gibbs Impersonation of Dr. Wright:

"dot dot dit dwut dwit dew dut
dewr do nows now
honestly and truly
it wouldn't be a holiday without an explosion"
by Dr. Bennett January 13, 2010
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