Dr. Flug is blackhat's evil scientist and he's also a shy motherfucker who wears a paper bag on his head 24/7. People ship him with blackhat for some reason???
by Meme queen for life June 14, 2017
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an anxious, plane-loving evil geinus staring in the show villainous, described as a "guy in a white lab coat who wears a paper bag."
Dey man have you heard of the show villainous? my favorite character is Dr. Flug.
Dude I cant believe people are writing inaccurate depictions of Dr. Flug on this website.
I hate it when people water down characters to be soft and cutesy, like how people did with Dr. Flug.
Dude don't look that up, people make gross images of Dr. Flug.
by Notme10852 November 06, 2020
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