A furry purple dentist wanted on six continents for murder, pedophilia, molestation, exhibitionism, kidnapping, possession of marijuana and other illicit substances, possession of child pornography, racial discrimination, abuse of animals, theft of a valuable artifact (a rocket) from the Smithsonian Museum, theft of a bicycle, piloting a hot-air balloon without a lisence, and illegaly practicing dentistry. Known to go by the aliases of Anthromorphic Surgeon and Professor Lepus. Last seen visiting a soapland with Mama Luigi.
Dr. Rabbit: And now, let's have buttsex!
Asian kid: Huh?
Dr. Rabbit: It's okay, everyone! Everybody has sex with children!
North American kid: Really??!
Dr. Rabbit: Yes! (turns off light) Oh, baby! Oh, baby!
by All Knower September 27, 2008
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