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The C.E.O. of J.W.E. (Jokers Wild Entertainment).

Traditional Medical Field Terminology Refers to this as the

"Angel of Death"

The Active Practitioner of Hair-Raising, Goose-bump producing, Original Gruesome Music that so many silent voices beg to hear more of.

One who Seizes the Listener, Entrancing them in an Enthralling, Captivating State of Mental Servitude.

A Harbinger of Lyrical/Vocal Onslaught.
Conveyor of Melodious Reaping.

"Dr. Grimm" is to Wicked as "4-Tre" is to Rapid
"CoenScyde is Comprised of both Dr. Grimm & 4-Tre?!"

"Dr. Grimm kills them Beats & Traps their souls in his DarkLab!"
by RazorBladeAttachedtoSilkTongue December 05, 2011
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