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The pre-medical advisor at George Mason University. While his role at the school is to help students he does nothing but make a stressful process more so. He warns his young flock not to leave voice mails on his phone, telling them that email is the best way to reach him, then he proceeds not to respond to emails for days, if not weeks. Dr.Chucks asks for professionality from students yet cannot even give them the courtesy of returned calls and properly formated emails. Applying to medical school is a process bound by time constraints and he seems bound and determined to put Mason students behind schedual.
Ken - "Dr. Emil Chuck, how many letters of recomendation should I have?'

Dr. Chuck - "All the instructions are in my wonderfull webinars, I am submitting them for a Golden Globe."

Ken- "We'll I am working at a doctor's office, you know to get into medical school, and taking classes, do you suppose you could just tell me?"

Dr. Chuck- "No I am god you should listen to my webinars and commit them to heart, do not disturb me."
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