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(n) A Dr. Bluetooth (also abbreviated as a Dr. BT) is, generally, a middle aged business man with one key element: he has in a bluetooth ear-piece.

He drives a high-end, European car (BMW, Mercedes, and if it is a convertible, the top is always down) and will drive like a complete douchebag. A Dr. Bluetooth is highly impatient, and will pull up behind you in a Starbucks parking lot and proceed to give you as little space to back out as possible, while glaring at you from behind dark sunglasses, cursing you to hurry up.

If you were to hear his thoughts, they would be something along the lines of "Hurry up, bitch. I need my coffee. I have an important meeting to go to and I need my fucking coffee. Right now. "
A Dr. Bluetooth always has his Bluetooth.

A Dr. Bluetooth is always a douchebag.
Those glasses make you look like a total Dr. BT

Wow, I was at a Starbucks and this Dr. Bluetooth wouldn't let me get out of the parking lot!

Did you see that douche bag tailgating and switching lanes every five seconds?
Yeah, the one in the Mercedes? He was a total Dr. Bluetooth.
by SH3RW1N March 30, 2011
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