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Overpriced crappy plastic headphones. Cost more than $500 yet sound worse than the $100 equivalent. Generally worn by hipsters as a "status symbol" although audiophiles generally laugh at them due to their idiocy. Thought by many to be "the best headphones ever" (Google it!), but they're idiots. Tend to snap in half after about half an hour's use, or stolen by a hipster or #swag #yolo person etc. Frequently copied (badly) by Mr. C. Kwan-Gok-Zhao from China, for the purposes of giving the hipsters the same sound and build quality for $300 less.
"Look at that tool wearing his Dr Dre's Beats, he could have bought some good headphones like sennheisers/B&Ws/Marshalls etc, I bet he thinks they're the best headphones in the world"
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