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Dover is a small town about 2 miles long located in NJ. Dover is a town where everybody talks, and everybody listens, but somehow, the truth just always comes up missing. Everyone knows everybody's business within an hour, or a day, that it happens. Most of the kids in Dover smoke weed or get drunk because there is nothing else to do. The weekends consist of local house parties where you are bound to see atleast 30 people you know. if you go to enough parties, you'll notice that it's always the same people. If you live in Dover, you know that Blackwell street is where all the mexicans hang out. Blackwell is usually reffered to in jokes where a person can go to prostitue on a corner. Dover is full of kids who think they are hardcore thugs that can freestyle. This is a town that likes to think it is tough rather than actually be about it. The majority of the girls in Dover are hoes and the majority of the guys are dumbasses.
All the hardcore thug drop outs live in Dover NJ
by DatNiggaYo December 03, 2010
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