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Doug Price, is a term people use to describe a peer as an extremely powerful individual.
And also to make a mockery of people who tell fake stories about recent amazing feats they had accomplished, as to which there were no witnesses, evidence, or proof.
Commonly referred to as Bullshit.

This term is derived from an urban legend originating in North-West England.

Doug Price is a man possessing great power and wealth, and is commonly referred to as the owner of the world, and everything in it.
Many tales have been told, describing his astonishing feats of bravery, strength, tougness, charisma and intellect.
Such as building a golden Apache with one hand, or crafting a working replica of a lightsaber, out of a radiator.
Also taking on 20 martial artists at once with just one punch.
And the most famous tale of them all, Driving around the world in his custom Bugatti Veyron, commonly referred to as the "Dougatti Steron"

Of course this is just urban legend, and is where the term comes from.
Boy 1 - "Lad, lastnight, i went out drinking, and i met up with big ste with the golden tooth, and we battered 10 Gypsys then bailed in our Dougatti"

Boy 2 - "Yeah right, who do you think you are, Doug Price?!"
by bigste December 06, 2010
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