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noun, the garb worn directly after christmas by people who have recieved copious amounts of clothing, accescories and the like as gifts on christmas. Most often matching to the button in color, brand and pattern, Douche bag Christmas swagg is worn mostly by, but not limited to trailer trash, middle school kids, socially underdeveloped high schoolers and virgins. Spotted normally from December the 26th to about the 4th or 5th of January.
cool guy: So i went to the mall to return some of the stuff from christmas i didnt want and laughed at some cock sucker wearing matching DC shoes, hat, shirt, hoodie and ray ban knock off sunglasses.

other cool guy: yeah, hes rollin like a big shot in his Douche bag Christmas swagg. Most likely a virgin
by briggles December 08, 2010
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