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Porte-manteau term used as a derogative aimed at females. Comprised of "Douche Bag" and "Slag", hence combining the attributes associated with both words, into one.
A young woman or girl with questionable moral values and a natural attraction towards complete Douche Bags, coupled with a total absence of intellect and self-censorship, compounded with an overall lack of class.
Marty : Bro, you know Ben's ex, Jenny?
Sam : You mean the slut who gave B.Jss to the entire Lacrosse team?
Marty: Yup, that's the one!
Sam: What about her?
Marty: Well, I saw her last night at Angel's and she was lap dancing all over this greasy metrosexual poofter!!!
Sam: Dude! She's a total Douche Slag!
by McKinnay July 28, 2010
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