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Camping in call of duty or other fps in totally fucked places with the gayest weapons possible. Gayest weapons can include but are not limited to sniper rifles with acog scope, silenced shotguns, tomahawks, grenades cooked in a suicidal fashion, dual Uzis, energy hammers, c4, urine, sea urchins, power legs(duke nukem mp), rpgs, throwing knifes, and of course bags of dicks.
laying prone at the top of ladders with a shotgun. Laying prone on stairs waiting for a fag to kill. Sitting behind a door.Where no one has every tried to camp before, so they would never expect it is really the general rule for true douche kills. Personally i like to duck behind a desk like a boss with a shotgun while making quotes such as ya fired, or step into my office, we do not negotiate with fags, Im the boss i need the info, etc.......JUST BE A DICK AND YOU TO CAN DOUCHe KILL
by Dymeleon January 10, 2013
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