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The percent chance that an outing will have an insurmountable amount of douche bags hanging around and comparing douche beards and faux hawks. Or talking about who could kick whose ass every five minutes. You might know if you have douchability if you can understand the native bark of a fellow douche bag. It sounds somewhat like a mountain lion raping a bear. They can also be found at clubs dancing in horny trains or fist pumping.
That man walking has a great amount of douchability
Why? He's wearing break away pants to a Kevin Federline concert.That Sigma Kappa frat party has a 90% chance of douchability.They are having a baby oil body builder contest and the first prize is a lifetime supply of wifebeaters and a body butter slip n' slide stripper pole.
Holy shit that guy just punched a hole in his wall from fist pumping too hard.He must have just shot himself up with raging douchability.
by ShalaneGogilac July 20, 2010
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