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-A Way To Make A Word Seem More Good Or More Bad, Just By Adding The Word Two Times...

Note: You Can Mess This Up Too And You Will Make Yourself Look Dumb... Best Way To Use It Is By Describing Weather... You Know? Cuz Its Cloudy Buts Its Not CloudyCloudy Hahaha


Gay = GayGay
Cold = ColdCold
Sleepy = SleepySleepy

Ect = EctEct Haha

Boy: Damn Nice Dunk Man...

Man: I Can Dunk... But I Can't DunkDunk Yet...
(DunkDunk = DoubleWord)


Girl: Eww Girl Take That Of It Makes You Look Gay!

Woman: Its Gay But Its Not GayGay...
(GayGay = DoubleWord)


Derek: Man She Ugly I Can't Believe You Got In Those...
(Got In Those = Intercourse)

Sean: Stop Fronting.. You Acting Like She UglyUgly..
(UglyUgly = DoubleWord)
by Ma3MaY November 18, 2009
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