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A Double Rainboom is a fictitious phenomenon invented by the people working at Lfamingo Rich Productions in which a pegasus(a magical horse with wings)flies so fast that they break the sound barrier. at a speed of mach 1 or 2 the pegasus initiates the Double Rainboom and immediately accelerates to around mach 5. this is only the beginning, the pegasus's tail and mane color also determince the color of the resulting circular rainbow that spreads outwards once the first rainboom is achieved. when the pegasus accelerates to around mach 7 which is easier to achieve flying directly downwards using gravity to your advantage, then the first of two rainbooms occurs. from mach 7 to mach 10 in an instant the next rainboom occurs and propells the pegasus performing this so fast that the pegasus actually has a very likely chance of being sent into another dimention completely.
In the Flamingo Rich production Double Rainboom Rainbow Dash drinks a talent inhancing potion and manages to fly fast enough to get flung out of the MLP dimention and into the Powerpuff Girls dimention(which is another show meant for young pre-pubescent girls.
by Cspinz December 26, 2013
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