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This act involves at least two men and one woman. Sex must take place on the first floor in front of a window. Man one must switch off with man two during sex. Man one dresses quickly, goes outside, walks in front of the window. When the girl sees man one, man two spits on her back and pulls out. When she turns around man two busts in her face, and throws pubes in her face. Man two than sticks a finger in his ass, inserts in in her mouth, and sticks two fingers in her vagina and one in her ass. He than lifts her up and screams "I've hooked the Marlin!" Man one reenters in time to take a picture, and they all live happily ever after.
"I know bob and mark care because they gave me a double hudini gorilla mask rusty fish hooking the marlin."
by The Mad Tea-Bagger October 23, 2008
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