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The double trucker arm gesture is performed when a person does the trucker arm motion (to get a trucker to honk his horn) with both arms. To add effect to the double trucker arm gesture, it is not uncommon to thrust the hips forward and backward in an undulating manner. The double trucker arms is the universal symbol for indicating that the person performing the gesture is about to "get some" or just "got some"--literally or figuratively. The double trucker arms, however, can be performed to request or solicit a sexual act or to embarass another who recently engaged in a sexual act. The double trucker arms is also frequently used between males to suggest that someone should be hittin' it--particularly with the suggestee's dance date or someone in the near proximity that he may or may not be flirting with.
"Todd just did the double trucker arms"
"Doesn't he know we don't care if he's having sex with his girlfriend?"

"Yo, Taylor," Greg called out, performing the double trucker arms from across the room. Taylor, who was sitting next to an attractive law student, shook his head in embarassment.
by swartzenator March 17, 2011
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