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A Double Kitty Bed Party is slang for a three way where there are two girls and one guy. "Double Kitty" refers to two women or their pussies, whereas "Bed Party" refers to sex.

These aren't as common as other three way combinations, and you usually see the two women taking turns pleasuring the man through hand jobs and oral sex, and sometimes even vaginal sex and anal sex.

NOTE: This can also refer to two women having lesbian sex, however the former is more commonly used.
Male 1: "See those two honeys over there?"

Male 2: "Yeah, they're pretty fine."

Male 1: "I'm gonna go ask them if they want to have a DOUBLE KITTY BED PARTY!"

Male 2: "Good luck with that, haha."
by Dionne Sohnjon August 16, 2011
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