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Path of enlightenment taken when you need to break away from your place of employment. Provides the same zeal a smoker gets on smoke breaks, except with much less nicotine. Most conversations on the trail involve talking about who you're gonna DO (with the shocker;-), or what you want to BE when you grow up. Upon return, you must keep an eye out for the Doornatzi, who thinks the doobie trail has something to do with 420, but he's simply a fucktard. Form of a baggot, all about flossin the lux corporate life and clockin da clams!
Person1:Ready to hit the Doobie Trail?
Person3:fo shizzle my bizzle, drizzle fizzle
by JustinCredible May 14, 2003
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when you think youve got worms and youve just had the dibbledoubles , meanig you leave a trail of obscene human feaces
Rich: no, dont eat that, its a doobie trail!
Kieran Price : Fool!
Teve:phghfff hahahahah!
by tom ya edison mumm November 20, 2003
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