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adj. A Sully is the person in your social circle who club bouncers are magnetically drawn to. A Sully's illicit activity in a club will always be detected, usually embarrassingly quickly, and will result in their being ejected, with lots of tut-tutting and slow head-shaking.

adverb. 'Doing a Sully,' 'He did a Sully;' the person in question was thrown out of the venue, having been caught with a wrap, spliff, cigarette etc.
"Oh mate, I was in the club, I'd been in there ten mins, went to the bog, opened a wrap and was just getting into it when, boom boom boom, bouncer hammering on the door. Yeh, I got thrown out." "Oh, you done a Sully yeh? Wanker."
by Solomonic February 07, 2014
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