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Don Drummond was the most markable member of the famous founders of Ska in the 60's, The Skatalites, where he played the trombone, as no one else has done it after.
He wasn't a good friend of the cops because he was a member of the rastafari religion, that wasn't accepted yet at Jamaica in the 60's. (because of the marijuana etc.)
"Don D.", were also a sick man, depressed, killed his girlfriend, Maquerita, came behind bars and died there. Don Drummond wrote many melancholy songs.
This famous and accepted trombone player and rudeboy, was a big notable man, that wrote some of the greatest tunes of the Skatalites ever.
"Don Drummond was the man with the big trombone" - Lord Tanamo
by Adam Ska April 08, 2006
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