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One of the best rising high schools in the Los Angeles area. Don Bosco Tech attracts students that apply and are accepted into Loyola, Harvard-Westlake, and other prominent high schools in the nation. The school is by far not liked by most due to it being all-boys, but once maturity catches up with them, they recognize what Bosco has done for them. The school is on its way to completely not having Cathedral or any other high school rival to it, be worthy of being its opponent. With grants and other monies being donated in the millions to the school, it's on its way to being a prestigous learning community. Many of the boys that attend or have graduated had a life at the school. A well balanced nutrition one might say, where the boys are studious by day, but party animals by night.
Girl 1: What school do you go to?
Bosco guy: Don Bosco Tech.
Girl 1 and her friends: Wow, I like smart and hot guys.

by Incognit0 October 02, 2005
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