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An online animation studio that is hosted by GoAnimate. The main mascot is Domo-Kun, a famous icon for children's television in Japan. For some reason, GoAnimate users have a problem with Domo Animate and the same vice-versa. DomoAnimate has a lot of features, including a forum (that was recently taken down because SOME people swore too much...), the ability to fan people and rate animations. This website also holds the record for the most RPs. I'm not shitting you. There's like OVER NINE THOUSSSANDDDDD of them. The site went downhill near mid-2012 when the main admin Jexx left to work at a gaming company. That's when Alvin the original admin joined again.
Tommy:Hey man! Did you hear that Alvin shut down the forum on Domo Animate? And what happened to the Super Rica and Rashy section?

Fred:It's not like I really care. After all, I go on GoAnimate! It's a lot much funner!

Tommy:At least Domo Animate is FREE!

Fred:Yeah, whatever...
by blahblahYOU August 01, 2012
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