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Spanish speaking AfroLatinos. mixed NativeAmerican, WestAfrican and Iberian men from the Caribbean. The best baseball players, but notorious womanizers. They have tanned skin (Romeo Santos), some mocha (Robinson Cano), and some dark chocolate (Quintorris Lopez “Julio” Jones). Curly hair, full lips, and amazing bodies. Alot of them take their gifts for granted and get caught in the fast life. Majority reside in Manhattan or Miami. Known for their machismo and hot-headed tempers that hide behind smiles. Loyal but will dog you if you switch up. The only women they treat right are their mothers. The faithful ones just aren’t as good looking. Younger girls end up their baby mamas because they like to be around their parties, Dembow, and cokemoney, while older women end up in affairs with them (white and Colombian women). Alot come from poverty so they dress flashy and have pride in staying wellgroomed. The tall baseball player types almost always have gorgeous big dicks, thick and long (I.e. vacation dick). Almost all of them are uncircumcised and love going downtown, adding on to why they make Western women batshit crazy. They know how to talk, dance, and move their hips. They joke with Cubans on who has better cigars, pick on Puertoricans for not being bilingual, and bump heads with Colombians because they end up with their women. They usually end up married with alot of kids. They tend to be great fathers, and the women they marry arent just lucky, but there to stay.
Girl, Karlo Karrera and a young ARod is why I’m sprung on Dominican men. I can’t believe J.Lo took my man.
by Msginafla February 26, 2021
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Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista
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Super faithful men, they drink coranas, smoke hookah and listen to bachata all while taking care of there families you’ll never find a better man
Wow he takes care of you.
Yeah girl Dominican men are the best.
Does he cheat?
No there’s super faithful!
by Moréno son June 18, 2018
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Sell drugs , flashy , loud , and live with their baby mamas on section 8 .
Stay away from Dominican men
by Realityman August 30, 2019
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