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One of the cutest and most wonderful couple there ever was.
They are always honest with each other which is their worst trait, but everything always works out between them. They will do what ever it takes to protect one another. They are the couple who always attract each other when they dont want to ammit it and when they want to they will have a very hard time trying to. Complete opposite beings they also have similarities. This Gemini and Capricorn couple will be together in the end after the hard and bad times no matter what. <3
"Dude do you see that couple over there?"
"Oh ya. They broke up for the longest time and even though Dominic and Rachel was flirting with other people, it's so obvious that the chemistry was going on still."
"I know right! Damn they need to get back together again. When they aren't together, my girl is worried because Rach is always depressed from thinking of Dom. And I'm getting cranky cus i know that's exactly what's happening with Dom."
"Naa dude, they'll end up together again. Just like the last 15 times. Don't worry bro."
by Friend:2 November 07, 2011
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