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When, after partaking in consumption of a significant amount of alcohol / get pissed / completely wankered, you are overcome with the urge to strip completed naked, leave your own hotel room and search for a strangers / neighbours hotel room. The reason being to use the strangers lavatory to "drop the kids off" / "take a dump" / "have an enormous shit" (if unable, you are permitted to carry out a "lazy wee" / "knock one out"). Once done, you then must pass out, only to be woken up by the resident of the hotel room asking if someone is in his bathroom.

Upon discovery, you then steal one of the residents towels to cover your modesty, sprint out of the room back to your own room, to be let in by hotel security who question identity / sanity !!
"Fuck sake! Who's done a Saunders in the toilet???"

Upon seeing a naked man running through a hotel, say out load "Saunders in progress"

A group of friends discussing the night before, "yeah, he did a Saunders".

"Lads, I am Doing a Saunders"
by DoingASaunders February 03, 2014
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