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The act of pre-gaming before an event so hard that when you finally make it past the front gate you pass out and have to go straight home.

Characteristics of doing a Monty include; boasting about the amount of alcohol being consumed, appearing powerful until the last second, failing without any notice, consuming a whole bottle of gin and calling yourself sergeant.
"Careful Tom, don't do a Monty on us"

"Q: What happened to Caitlin?"
"A: I don't know. One second she was fine and then she did a Monty"

Wobby: "If I end up doing a Monty today I will never forgive myself"
by Hicksy Victor March 14, 2011
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Urinating on one or more bouncers. Can also encompass urination on general security personal, such as stewards, or shop security. Does not include urination on security or surveillance equipment.

Named after the infamous cricketer Monty Panesar, who, after hassling some local ladies, did the business on a few bouncers in a club in Brighton.
Holy fuck! Kevin's Doing a Monty, he's gonna get us chucked out!
by Man_5 August 07, 2013
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