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1. A Fandom combining Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Firefly.

2. Reference to Cocaine

3. A way to say that something is the ultimate level of awesome.
1. Her fic was Doctor Superfly! I'm talking the TARDIS, Metallicar, AND Serenity!

2. Lyrics: Don't wanna do it cos it makes you bleed,
It's gonna bleed you dry, bleed you dry.

You get no warning - watch out here comes Doctor Superfly,
You can't stop yawning, coming up with Doctor Superfly.

3. Dude: Man how was your day?
You: awesome.
Dude: bet mine was better.
You: Doubt it. My day was Doctor Superfly!
Dude: Awww, man! You always have the best sh*t happen to you!
by Dr.SuperFlyMD February 12, 2012
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