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Doad Angle is defined as the angle, from the horizontal plane, at which a set of doads (female breasts) can be viewed past the top of her clothing.

The higher the doad angle, the more breast and cleavage can be seen down her top, with 70 – 80 degrees generally accepted as the optimum doad angle.

Above this angle viewing can become impaired by facial features and hair.
Although when level with the sexy student nurse her doads could not be seen, when I increased my doad angle my eyes were filled with here ample cleavage.

I manoeuvred myself through the bar to achieve a doad angle of 45 degrees which gave me an excellent view of her magnificent breasts.

Up on the balcony my doad angle was close to optimum for viewing the doads of all the girls in the hen party.

Although achieving a doad angle of 70 degrees made perfect viewing, it all went wrong when I slipped off the table!
by Doadmaster July 15, 2009
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