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Cockney rhyming slang for pikey; a derogatory term for Irish or Romany gypsies or travellers in the UK and Ireland.
1. Lock anything that can be towed in the garage, the do as you likeys have set up camp in the local school field tonight.

2. The do as you likey offered to mend my roof but instead stole all the lead.

3. James was killed by a high voltage arc flash. The police noted that the do as you likeys had ripped up all of the copper earthing cables which would have saved him.
by Roger the best Rabbit October 19, 2017
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Amusing descriptive rhyming slang for the Romany people who have shared our lands for centuries yet still seem to be fair game when it comes to ethnic insults. And that's how hitler started folks. Probably.
Q: Yeah so have you seen, the do-as-you-likeys have moved into the park?

A: Cool we can all act all middle class and daily mail about it lol.
by jointgib June 07, 2007
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