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When your mate say's he'll come out at 7pm but arrives hour later than planned.

When your mate tell's you anytime before 4pm is too early.

When you have a rave on VR chat at 4am.
I'm going to Do A Daryn and show up an hour late.

James said he will be out at 7pm but it's 8:30pm? Oh he's Doing A Daryn.

I was up late last night, I Did A Daryn.

Guy 1: "Oh yes i'll come to the cinema, wait before 4pm?, No I can't it's too early!"

Guy 2: "Oh he's Done A Daryn."

Don't Do A Daryn and actually show up on time please!

Don't Do A Daryn and come outside for once, those VR chat Raves can wait.
by Mitch Alin83 August 09, 2018
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