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A divorced dad bod has a greater BMI than of a dad bod. One great way to separate the dad bods from the divorced dad bods are visible stretch marks. Since divorced men are huskier and more heavy set, they will typically show stretch marks. But men with divorced dad bod, do not fear, for it is a 2 part transformation. After crushing all the beer and Cheetos in the world,following a divorce your body will blow up, but someday you will have an epiphany. You will dream of 6 pack abs and all the honeys in the world surrounding you at the bar. That is when step 2 of the transformation occurs. You will trade in your beer and Cheetos for a gym membership and whey protein. From there, the rest is history.
Arthur: Dude did you see Mark at our 20 year high school reunion?
Karl: Yeah man, Trixy leaving him and taking the kids really took a toll on him.
Arthur: I know, you could tell he was sporting a serious divorced dad bod.
by TheRealChickenFucker May 30, 2015
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