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A prestigious all girls school that transforms girls into confident young women. It is considered a wealthy school and the girls are deemed "stuck up" by many. People refer to the girls as "DS girls" who wear expensive clothing and drive nice cars, creating a stereotype that leads others to believe that they enjoy getting plastered and that their dads purchase them designer clothing. All of the above is untrue, and these false but at the same time funny ideas are most likely started by jealous public school girls who admire the natural flair and style of girls who go to DSHA. The rumors stating that DSHA girls have their parents pay for all their expenses are false, as most of the girls have a work ethic that allows them to hold a job to buy their classy clothing and cover all other expenditures. The school is nicknamed "Dick Sucking Hoes of America.” and is another entertaining joke started by public schoolers who were jealous their boyfriends find DSHA girls more fun because of their ability to be themselves, dress modestly (yet attractively), and wear their makeup in such a way that it extenuates their natural beauty. The idea that “DS girls” are alcoholics is false, as over half of the DSHA population has never experimented with alcohol. It is safe to say there are larger substance abuse issues at other schools than at DSHA. Before you say “that DS girl is a snob,” try talking to her. Most of the girls are happy to talk to you in a friendly manner and know a good time.
guy 1: "Look at how classy and poised those girls from Divine Savior Holy Angels girls are, they all look sexy"
guy 2: "Wow, their boobs are covered up but they still look hott!"

public school girl 1: "They're all skanks.. look at them talking to those boys"
public school girl 2: "your plastered and your ass is hanging out. Wait is that your boyfriend ignoring you for that DSHA girl?"
by summersun2 December 09, 2010
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