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This is the kind of homophobia that is done typically in an attempt to hide the fact that you are yourself grotesquely gay. You see yourself out and about, making constant humor, jokes, pokes, and jabs at others for actually being gay, yet you yourself know that nothing would be more hot than bending over and getting it in the bunghole from a very big Gay Bear man, only to have him smurf you.

This of course is not to be confused with Weaverian Homophobia , where the same kind of humor is used, but you arent actually trying to find the fact that you yourself are gay, and everyone around you knows it.
"You know making a photo of someone and taggin their head onto it in some really ghey way is just hardcore Dittmerian Homophobia at work man, come outta the close dude."
by ThoughtlessClaymore March 28, 2007
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