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A cheap coat (forever 21, h&m, Burlington coat factory kind of coat) that a girl wears on a date that she is unsure about.
If the date sucks, the girl may leave said coat and pretend to go to the restroom while she's actually escaping the boring date.

To use the ditch coat:
Step 1: buy cheap coat
Step 2: go on date
Step 3: "go the bathroom" but leave your coat
Step 4: ditch the fool
Girl: I'll be right back, can you watch my coat?
Guy: sure!
(1 hour later)
Waitress: I need you to close out your tab
Guy: nah my girls coming back, she left her coat.
Waitress: she left an hour ago. That's a ditch coat.
by Dumpsterdoug March 06, 2016
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