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a guy or girl (generally girls) who worship such disneyalized artists as jonas brothers, demi lovato, selena gomez, and metro station, but have a scene flair (ie, bows, heavy makeup, skinny jeans of multiple colours, raccoon tails, generally happy people, myspace faces (peace signs))

these people are to be avoided because of their habit of annoying even real scene people. Theyre mainstream people who shouldnt be mainstream, dress like they should be moshing but instead cry for the jonas brothers. as you can see, the contrast is unbearable.
Girl 1: Oh man, that girl just put so many pictures up on face book, theyre so annoying, its same peace sign over and over again.
Girl 2: OMG i no. did you see her on much music? she was crying when she didnt win the jobros contest, it was so funny.
Girl 1: oh man, with that and the way she dresses, she is sooo disney scene.

Demi Lavato: who says i can't wear my converse with my dress now baby, thats just me example: straight at the disney source...disney scene
by alyssatalbot June 14, 2009
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