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Disenfranchised Characterization is a term used for people in the entertainment industry, mainly stand-up comedy. Where as the comedian personifies one character on stage, but off the stage acts completely different from what he/she represented themselves to be while on stage. Resulting in the audience to become disenfranchised with that comic and no longer believing that person to be anything that they allegedly represent.
The audience watched Comedian "X" perform one night and thought that comic to be an awesome individual. Who was very funny and a cool person to hang out with. But after meeting said comic off stage after the show, said audience realizes that Comedian "X" is an jerk. Who's more interested in scoring a bag of weed and ignores peoples request for pictures and autographs. As where during the show the audience felt a kinship and relation to said comedian based on what that comedian was talking about. They later suffer from the effects of Disenfranchised Characterization when they realize the comedian is a fake.
by bikertrash December 11, 2010
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