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Where you go look around for the best discount on a threesome with two hookers. Though it must be noted the only way this can be performed properly is if a double check is done to find the best possible discount for the hookers that are to be involved. Upon purchasing the hookers and banging them you then proceed to pull out and jizz on both of them, all while doing Aaron Rodger's signature belt move while yelling "discount double snatch!".
Brett: So Mikey get laid yet or what?

Doug: Yeah dude he banged two hookers while doing the Discount Double Snatch.

Brett: NIICE, Aaron Rodgers would be proud.

Doug: Yeah, if only it had been performed on two dudes Rodgers would be even prouder.

Brett: True that, fuckin' FudgePackers.
by Mike Schrampfey November 29, 2012
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